Coconut body milk

Price: 400.00 UAH
  • Expiration date: 2 months
  • Tara: Glass
Weight: 215 g

The composition includes: the distilled water, the coconut oil, vegetable emulsifier, (Cetearyl OlivΠ°te, Sorbitan Olivate), cocoa butter, the Shea butter, the fractionated coconut oil (Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride), the vitamin E, the neroli essential oil, the Cosgard preservative.

  • The Coconut oil - is a unique product, that has excellent softening and nourishing properties. It is obtained by cold pressing from the pulp of the fruit, this method allows you to keep all the nutrients in the oil. On the basis of it, we produce coconut milk for the body, suitable for nutrition and hydration of any skin type.
  • The dye in coconut milk for the body is absent, the color is natural.

2 months is the minimum expiration date of the product for storage in the room conditions, taking into account the unstable temperature conditions during the transportation. When storing the products after receiving, in the refrigerator, the expiration date is 3 months.

Cautions for use: allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the components of the product.


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