Natural chocolate soap

Price: 200 UAH
Weight: 130 g

The composition includes: the glycerin, water, saponified palm oil (Sodium Palmate), coconut oil (Sodium Cocoate), emulsifier (Sorbitol), foaming agent from sugar (glucose) cornstarch and fatty acids of coconut (Decyl Glucoside), cocoa mass, salt (Sodium Chloride), the Orange essential oil, the essential oil of Ylang, the Patchouli essential oil, the palm acid (Palm Acid), the coconut acid (Coconut acid), stabilizer (Pentasodoim Pentetate < 0,1%, Tetrasodium Etidronate< 0,1%).

INCI: Glycerin**, Aqua*, Sodium Palmate**, Sodium Cocoate**, Sorbitol^, Decyl Gluoside*, Sodium Chloride*, Бitrus aurantium Оil*, Cananga odorata Oil*, Pogostemon patchouli Pelletier Oil*, Palm Acid*, Coconut acid*, Pentasodoim Pentetate < 0,1%, Tetrasodium Etidronate< 0,1%.

^ ingredients approved for natural and organic cosmetics by Ecosert / Cosmos / BDIH "Certified Natural Cosmetics" / Vegan
* ingredients of natural origin
** ingredients of organic origin

  • The chocolate soap is a gentle cleansing of the body with a pleasant and warm atmosphere. It includes the natural cocoa obtained by grinding cocoa beans. It has excellent emollient and nourishing properties.
  • As the aroma in the chocolate soap also acts the essential oils of orange, ylang-ylang, patchouli. In combination, it gives a light and pleasant aromatherapy.
  • The dye in the Chocolate soap is absent, the color is natural.
  • Weight-100-110 gr. (Β± 10 gr.) 

    The natural chocolate soap has the ability to form a white coating, like a real chocolate. Temperature changes so act with natural cocoa. This is a fact, which indicates the presence of this cocoa. In the production of soap, condensation of moisture is formed on the surface. In the first stage, the sugar from the cocoa dissolves in the condensate, and after exhale of moisture, a white coating can be formed from these sugar crystals from natural cocoa. After the first time of use the soap, the white coating will disappear forever.

 Cautions for use: allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the components of the product.

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