Squalane plant

Price: 300 UAH
  • Tara: Glass
  • The producing country: Germany
  • Expiration date: 09/2023
Weight: 55 g

β€’ Vegetable squalane is a 100% natural emollient obtained from olive oil. It is a clear liquid, odorless and colorless. The main carbohydrate of skin lipids, due to its natural relationship with it, easily penetrates through the epidermis, leaving no unpleasant stickiness, oily, making it soft and silky.
β€’ Vegetable squalane is considered non-comedogenic, non-allergenic. When applied to the skin, it spreads easily, forming a protective film that prevents moisture loss.
β€’ Vegetable squalane is recommended for the care of all skin types. Especially relevant - for dry, chapped, dehydrated, mature skin, with existing atopic manifestations or rosacea. Squalane helps relieve irritation and prevents damage to sensitive skin.

Cosmetic properties of herbal squalane:

β€’ Accelerates skin regeneration, gives it elasticity, helps to reduce the depth of wrinkles.
β€’ Effective for peeling, dryness, relieves skin redness, increases local cell immunity.
β€’ Strengthens the lipid layer of the skin, "incorporating" into it.
β€’ Prevents moisture evaporation, has a moisturizing effect.
β€’ Protects the skin from UV rays and repairs it with existing sun damage.
β€’ Effective not only for the skin, but also for the whole body and is used in hair care: restores the structure, smoothes it, makes it soft and silky.

Method of using the squalane:

1 1605879386201β€’ For the stage of skin nutrition. Cleanse your face with a cleanser, do toning without letting the tonic completely absorb, apply 2-3 drops of squalane (depending on the skin's needs). Distribute the product along the massage lines of the face. Wait until it is completely absorbed. If desired and the condition of the skin, a cream can be applied on top, but this is not necessary. Suitable for the eye area.

β€’ For facial massage. Squalane is ideal for hand, scraper or roller massage, offers flawless glide and is considered non-comedogenic for all skin types. It is applied to the cleansed face, after the toning stage, when the tonic is not completely absorbed by the skin.

β€’ Base makeup. Squalane provides nourishment to the skin, prepares it for the application of decorative cosmetics, helps to evenly distribute pigments, tinting agents, while maintaining their saturation and durability. It is applied to the cleansed face, after the toning stage, when the tonic is not completely absorbed by the skin.

β€’ Squalane is widely used for the face, but it is a universal remedy for the whole body - it protects hair from high temperatures, moisturizes, smoothes, and prevents split ends. Take 1-3 drops (depending on the length and thickness of the hair) of squalane, warm it up in the palms of your hands, apply to the ends or spread over the entire length of the strands, avoiding the roots. No need to wash off.

Squalane can be used both for daily use and as an "ambulance"
for urgent "resuscitation" of skin, hair, after exposure to external factors.

Cautions for use: individual intolerance to the components of the product.
We recommend storing vegetable squalane in a dark, dry place.

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