Tooth powder

Price: 250 UAH
  • Expiration date: 1 year
Weight: 35 g

The composition includes: a purified kaolin, the purified black coal, the extract of chlorophyllipt, the eucalyptus essential oil, the peppermint essential oil.

  • Oral hygiene should be not only effective but also safe! After all, comparing with other cosmetics, the toothpaste we almost eat without thinking how many "wonderful" components, such as sulfates (SLS), fluorides, aggressive preservatives, synthetic flavors enter in our body with it, destroying the tooth enamel.
  • Unlike industrial cosmetics, natural cosmetics has everything that you need to take care of our health and beauty.
  • This tooth powder is made of natural ingredients and is an excellent alternative to chemical powders.
  • Thanks to this components, the tooth powder practically does not foam, but it does not prevent to clean the plaque on the teeth and maintain the natural color of the enamel.
  • The kaolin is a white porcelain clay is rich in minerals and trace elements, removes dental stones, strengthens enamel, has a slight whitening effect, disinfects the oral cavity.
  • The tooth powder is not harmful when swallowing, as it has no chemical composition.
  • You will feel effective cleaning from the first application.
  • Store in a dry place with the closed lid.

Cautions for use: allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the components of the product.

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