Oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows

Price: 650 UAH
  • Expiration date: 1 year
Weight: 20 g

The composition includes: the argan oil, the jojoba oil, the oil vitamin complex A, E, the broccoli oil, the CO2 of aloe, the neroli essential oil.

INCI: Argania Spinosa Oil**, Simmondsia Chinensis Oil*, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopherol*, Broccoli Seed Oil**, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf CO2 Extract*, Citrus Aurantium Dulcis Oil*.

* ingredients of natural origin
** ingredients of organic origin

  • Our eyelashes and eyebrows need care as well as hair. This oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows give a nourishes, the natural shine, elasticity and improves growth.
  • Each time the use of oil improves the growth of the eyebrows eliminates dryness, and it lengthens the eyelashes, because from the mascara, usually the tips are light and dry, and eyelashes look shorter.

Method of using the Oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows:

6 oil complex

  • Before use, clean the face. Shake the product, apply it on your eyebrows and eyelashes. The oil complex should not leak, more isn't better - the main thing regularity, adjust your optimal level for use.
  • Important! Don’t apply the oil under the root of eyelashes. Avoid contact with the oil complex on the mucous membrane of the eye. If this happens - wash the area by a running water of the room temperature.
  • Apply oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows 1-2 times a day, approximately 20-30 minutes. Do not leave the product overnight, but only if the amount is small, avoid swelling near the eyes. The best option is to apply for 2-3 hours, before bedtime, and wipe lightly the eyelashes and eyebrows.

For effective results, use the oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows daily, during a month. Then you can take a break for 5-7 days and continue. This Oil complex is very economical, this volume is enough for up to 6 months.

 ☂ Recommend to store in a dark and dry place.It is possible to form a slight precipitate - this is normal, due to the use of cold press oils and CO2 extract.

Cautions for use: allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the components of the product.

Oil complex for eyelashes and eyebrows - Reviews and comments:
Таня 31.07.2020
Користуюся засобом пару тижнів. Задоволена.Вії довгі і підкручені, Так як практично не користуюся косметикою - засіб бомба!!! Такою цей засіб прекрасно діє навіть при татуажі брів:)
Negative: Трохи різкий запах, чоловік досі не звик, коли користуюсь на ніч)))
Оля 11.01.2020
Рекомендую засіб бомба. Замовляла в інстаграм, довго дивилася на відгуки, фото інших, не наважувалася замовити бо дуже багато вже протестувала безрезультатно. Цей засіб просто все виконав що написано. В мене кінці брів просто не росли після одного майстра в салоні. Мажу більше місяця, вже можу недомальовувати кінці, бо вони Є, дякую. Однозначно хороший продукт.
Владислава 09.02.2017
Только начала использовать. Пока довольна. Посмотрим, что будет спустя месяц)
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