Wax for hair tips

Price: 280 UAH
  • Expiration date: 1 year
Weight: 15 g

The composition includes: the argan oil, crambe, broccoli, coconut oil, the Shea butter, beeswax, the vegetable lanolin, the lavender essential oil, the lemon essential oil.

  • Wax for hair tips- is a complex of liquid oils of the cold press and solid kinds of butter, which are aimed at hair nutrition, eliminate dryness of the tips, and you can use the wax for styling.
  • Serves as thermal protection and gives a natural shine for hair, also nutrition the dry and brittle tip.

Method of using the Wax for dry tips of hair:

  • Can be applied to dry or wet hair to simulate hairstyles but after removal of the wet from hair by a towel, before the blow-drying.
  • A single amount of wax for long hair the size of a pea black pepper. The working condition is hot.
  • Take your amount of wax guided by the length and density of the hair, rub it in your palms until hot. Wax should not be visible but melted.
  • Apply on the structure - from the shoulders (if necessary) and on the tips.
  • Sharply, intensively rubbing is not necessary, apply with smoothing movements.
  • Next, start styling your hair with a hair dryer or naturally.  
  • When applying wax to the tips of the hair, it is important to take a small amount to avoid the effect of "fat". With this product, more is not better. Your can to choose the quantity of wax from the first time of use.

Cautions for use:allergic reaction or individual intolerance to the components of the product.

Wax for hair tips - Reviews and comments:
Ілона 09.08.2019
Цей віск- моя любов з першого подиху. Запах неймовірний! Волоссю надає блиск і доглянутий вигляд. Всім рекомендую однозначно! Свій силіконовий догляд, який до речі набагато дорожчий - в сміття! ?
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