About us

  • PL cosmetics - the online store of author's natural luxury cosmetics.
  • Our goal is the maximum of naturalness, quality, efficiency in every product, availability to those who care about health and beauty!
  • In production, we use the best quality vegetable oils, extracts,hydrolates, infusions, esters, and a number of other natural ingredients. We don’t have the petrochemicals, aggressive surfactants, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, components of animal origin, except beeswax and honey, in some products.
  • The preservation of cosmetic products is made by β€œgreen” preservative, without chemicals. These products have a short expiration date.
  • We don’t use the industrial machines that directly spoil the natural product, each product is made individually, manually, to order, due to this, the highest quality of the final product is achieved.
  • We will be useful for you if you are looking for 100% natural cosmetics for body care, face and hair, which works not only for the feeling but also for the future.


The best quality of ingredients

For us, the principle is the filling and effectiveness in each product, because the products are designed for own use.

The preservative exclusively of Β«greenΒ» origin

Therefore, the products don’t have the long expiration date.

Don’t test on animals.

There are no animal ingredients, except the beeswax and honey.