About us

  • PL cosmetics - the online store of author's natural luxury cosmetics.
  • Our goal is the maximum of naturalness, quality, efficiency in every product, availability to those who care about health and beauty!
  • In production, we use the best quality vegetable oils, extracts,hydrolates, infusions, esters, and a number of other natural ingredients. We don’t have the petrochemicals, aggressive surfactants, sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, components of animal origin, except beeswax in some products (balms for lip).
  • The ingredients in PL Cosmetics are physiological for the body, cosmetic formulas do not disrupt the natural work of our skin and hair microbiome, have a protective and regenerating effect.
  • Care cosmetics should be food for our body. In addition to the natural composition of the products, we made sure that this food was fresh to the user. Each product is made individually for the client, after his order. It is laborious work, but as a result the greatest attention and the highest level of a final product is reached. That's why you won't find PL Cosmetics in shop windows.
  • Empty products that take up shelves in the bathroom are our taboo. We are for conscious consumption! We are sure, we have personally convinced and embodied it in the means that the quality minimum makes an extraordinary maximum!
  • We will be useful for you if you are looking for 100% natural cosmetics for body care, face and hair, which works not only for the feeling but also for the future.


Care products - food for our body

We made sure that the cosmetics were as fresh as possible, so each order is made individually.

Ingredients are physiological for our body

Natural cosmetic formulas do not disrupt the microbiome of the skin, hair, have a protective and regenerating effect.

Cosmetics are not tested on animals

Love of the environment and conscious consumption in all are one of our principles.


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We are Pasha and Lena, and in an abbreviated version just - PL;)

Principles embodied in our work:
- love;
- minimalism;
- for both yourself.
We believe that any business will be successful if you lay in the foundation of unshakable values.

Love is something that is imperceptible, but always warms, fills and gives wings!) First of all, love for people! Not job! She will never thanks for such warmth, that gives customer feedback!

Minimalism is not emptiness, but space, but thought out to the details, where there is no unnecessary!) Minimum at the maximum - a more effective approach than vice versa!) The perfect complex and filling of care cosmetics, as a good base in the wardrobe. There will always be something to wear, and the shelves are not crowded!)

For both yourself - the beginning of our cosmetic case, which is successful and helps to feel, restore natural comfort with your body. For both yourself, it is always a quality, because in your right mind you will never do it “somehow”!)

We are glad that you visited our page!
Choose products, and PL Cosmetics will make them with love and warmth individually for you :)

PL Cosmetics open to cooperation:

• If you are an opinion leader, blogger and have your audience on any internet platform, we will be happy to consider an account for barter cooperation.

• Barter cooperation is also possible with commercial pages, shops, workshops, etc., if your products/services are relevant to us. The exchange takes place on the terms - the price of the product/service to the cost of cosmetics.

Please send your suggestions with links to the page to our e-mail address - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in the feedback form. Quality is important to us in everything, newly created artificial accounts, please do not disturb. Value each other's time :)

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We do not cooperate:

1. Cosmetic business.

2. Pharmaceutical, medical business.

3. All areas of business, where there is exploitation and killing of animals.

4. Religious organizations.

5. Political organizations.

6. Financial pyramids, forex, bets, etc.

7. Sex shops and the like.