Secure online payment

Our website is connected to the system of secure electronic payments, which allows you to pay for our products by any Visa and MasterCard issued by any foreign banks. The system of electronic payments is implemented on the most modern security standard - 3D Secure, which will ensure the maximum security of your payments on the Internet.

✓ If the payment is made online, Your order is automatically recorded and the production (preparing) will start on our next working day. 
✓ Processing and production of products takes 2-4 of working days after the payment.
✓ After sending the order, the receiver will be sent the declaration number by e-mail.

3D Secure technology is a part of Visa "Verified by Visa" and MasterCard "MasterCard SecureCode" global programs, the purpose of which is to provide and ensure safe and reliable methods of payment for products and services on the global Internet.

More than 15 million Visa cardholders worldwide are active users of Verified by Visa when shopping online. Today, the standard 3-D Secure system is supported by more than 100 thousand online stores and more than 20 thousand banks around the world.

We care about providing our customers with the most advanced elements of online security, we have implemented this standard on our site. Payment by Visa and MasterCard is now as safe as possible!

The additional online security for your card.

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Verified by Visa - is a new service that allows you to make purchases in real time, providing additional security for your transactions.

Using a simple verification procedure, Verified by Visa will verify your identity at the time of your purchase at the participating online stores. This is very convenient and you can use your Visa card for this.

In addition to all other benefits - Verified by Visa is very easy to use. You register the card only once and get your password. Then, when you make purchases in online stores, which participate in this program, the Verified by Visa dialog box automatically appears. You only need to enter your password and confirm your transaction (click "Confirm"). Your identity will be confirmed and the purchase will be made in security mode.

Also, the confidential information about your card number, CVV2 / CVC2-code is transferred by you to the site of the server/system of secure electronic payments in encrypted form. SSL is used for data transmission, so the security of operations is fully guaranteed.
In order to check whether the connection is secure, pay attention to the address of the page, it begins with "https: //"(unprotected pages start with "http://").

More about Verified by Visa on the website link go


MC pl cosmeticsMasterCard® SecureCode™ -is a new MasterCard service that provides additional security when you shop online. In order to use it, You do not need to buy a new card. You can use an existing card. You choose your personal SecureCode, which will be one for all online stores. This password gives you additional protection against misuse of your card during online purchases.

Every time, when you make a purchase using your card in the online stores, which participate in the MasterCard SecureCode program, a window automatically appears asking for your personal password, you only need to enter it. This procedure is very similar to entering the PIN code of the card when you want to use it through the cash machine (ATM). After a few seconds, the Issuing Bank will confirm your identity, allowing your purchase to be carried out in a safe mode.

More information about MasterCard SecureCode on the website: link go