Cold pressed coconut oil (unrefined)

Price: 1500 UAH
  • Expiration date: 10/2022
  • Tara: Glass
  • The producing country: Germany
  • Country of origin: Sri Lanka
Weight: 180 g
Not available

• The unrefined coconut oil of cold pressed is a universal product to maintain the natural beauty. Nourishes, moisturizes, maintains elasticity, softens the skin, serves as a natural conditioner for hair, eliminates the dryness and breakage, and maintaining the growth of our hair, gives the natural shine, effective in healing of burns, cracked, also used as a suntan, for massage and makeup remover.

The main ways to use coconut oil:

• Apply a small amount of coconut oil on clean, the water skin with massage movements, paying the attention to problem areas with dryness or cracks;

• Apply the small amount of coconut oil on the hair, before washing, keep at least an hour, and you can also leave for the night, then rinse your hair with shampoo twice or after washing - a small amount of the oil to RUB in the palms and apply along the length of wet hair. 

• The range of application of coconut oil is very wide - this is one of the product for our body and hair, the effectiveness of which is noticeable from the first time of use. Also, the coconut oil is suitable for use in the cooking.
• Extraction of coconut oil is made by the mechanical way - cold pressing. In this way that it is possible to maintain the maximum concentration of useful substances of the oil.
• Melting temperature in the region of 25 °C, above this temperature the coconut oil becomes of transparent color, below-white. If the oil is in a solid state, for more convenient use, you can melt a small amount in a water bath 35-40°C for 3-5 minutes, and it will become liquid.

☂ We recommend storing the coconut oil in a dark and dry place.

Cautions for use: Cautions for use: the allergic reactions or individual intolerance.

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